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Themescape have over 10 years experience in the Adventure Golf industry and have owned and operated “Smugglers Cove” Barry Island , one of the premier permanent Adventure Golf attractions in the UK since it first opened in 2008.


In addition to this we have designed, built and operated our Semi-Permanent Adventure Golf courses in some wonderful locations around the World including Dubai (Global Village) and Hong Kong (Kai Tak , Kowloon) giving us unrivalled operational and logistical experience.

Please take a look at our various themed adventure golf courses, such as our family favourite Pirate Themed Golf Courses, our brand new and already hugely popular Farm Yard Themed Golf Course, or one of our up and coming Halloween Themed Golf Course or Black Light Themed Golf Course

Our courses are available to rent or buy, so please contact us at any time if you have any questions at all. We look forward to speaking to you soon.


If you have any questions please let us know!


Themescape specialise in fully themed Semi-Permanent Adventure Golf courses. Our Semi-Permanent Adventure Golf courses look , feel and play just like a permanent course.


Our courses can be installed indoors or outdoors on virtually any surface at any location in the world!


We offer 6 , 9 ,12 and 18 Hole courses with footprints from just 150s/m for a compact 6 Hole course right up to 1000s/m for an 18 Hole course.

All of our courses come complete with detailed Risk Assessment, Operation Manual and Maintenance Manual as standard.

Each “hole” is designed to be both challenging and fun to play with ball traps , obstacles or multi choice playing options that promote repeat custom and increase profitability.

Our courses are available to purchase or rent on a “Themed Hole Only” or “Fully Themed Course” basis making our courses an extremely versatile and cost effective solution.

With a choice of fantastic themes to choose from such as our established family favorite “Pirate” theme or the new “FarmYard” theme our courses are a great way to keep your guests entertained and a wonderful addition to any -


  • Amusement Parks

  • Holiday Parks

  • Farm Parks

  • Safari Parks

  • Zoo’s , Piers , FEC’s

  • Holiday Parks

The opportunities are


 All courses are available for rent or purchase 
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The key point about our "Adventure Golf" product is that they are semi-permanent , this makes them extremely versatile. Our semi permanent courses look , feel and play just like a permanent course but have the added benefit of being relocatable. The main benefits of our semi-permanent courses are -


1. Competitively priced compared to a permanent course.


2. Our courses can be moved to different locations around your park or to other sites you may have.


3. No need to allocate a piece of land for the next 20+ years as you would with a permanent course.


4. "Attraction Rotation" although Adventure Golf is an established part of the attractions industry , who knows what is round the corner in terms of new attractions...with our semi-permanent Adventure Golf you have the ability to move with the latest trends.


5. We can re-theme your course at any point.


6. "Resale value" from a purely financial point of view this is probably the most important point of the semi-permanent option...our courses have a significant resale value and we also give you a buyback offer guarantee when you decide to sell your course.

We can work with the space and layout of your site. Approximate minimum areas required are as follows -

9 Holes = 250 s/m

12 Holes = 400s/m

6 Hole / 12 Meter LAYOUT PLANS
9 Hole / 15 Meter LAYOUT PLANS

Above are the minimum area requirements but we recommend a 9 Hole course to have an area of around 300s/m and a 12 Hole course to have an area of around 500s/m. There are no maximums when it comes to layout and footprint but if the holes are too spread out then the course can lose some atmosphere.

pirate adventure golf

Our "Pirate" themed Semi Permanent Adventure Golf courses are an established family favourite with wonderful life size pirate props, cannons and treasure chests they are a great addition to any Holiday Park, Caravan Park, Amusement Park, Adventure Park, FEC or Pier.

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Our "FarmYard" themed semi permanent adventure golf courses are bright , colorful and quirky. With a great range of comic farm theming and . Specifically designed as a great addition to any  - Farm Park , Safari Park , Wildlife Park or Zoo.

farmyard adventure golf

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Winter Wonderland

Our "Winter Wonderland" semi permanent adventure golf courses are a seasonal spectacular and completely unique..Our winter wonderland courses can be used outdoors or housed inside a marquee creating a totally immersive indoor wonderland experience! A perfect addition to any winter themed event.

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Blacklight Adventure Golf

Our "Blacklight" semi permanent adventure golf can be installed inside your existing building or in a blacked out marquee creating a fantastic and unforgettable experience..with a mish mash of themes or one specific theme this promises to be a huge hit with all ages!

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Halloween Adventure Golf

Our "Halloween" themed semi permanent adventure golf courses are a great addition to all spooky events around halloween time or to a scare maze park..

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9 Hole / 15 Meter LAYOUT PLANS